Saturday, February 11, 2012

Further on (up the road)

I am at the half way mark of my ebook and having a ball. I guess, to put it more appropriately, “I’m Having a Party.” Emptying all the Springsteen experiences out of the brain has been rewarding, cathartic, fun, and nostalgic. About halfway through, I was worried that I would run out of material. After all, I was writing in vignettes, off the top of my head. As I started to fact check and look other stories up, I realized there was yet more material lodged up there among the cranial cobwebs. Digging out those stories was like reaching way back into the corners with a long broom. I was amazed what came out on the other end of that broom.

In 43 writing hours, I am at 48,000 words. Those are writing hours, actual butt-in-chair, clicking the keyboard hours. That does not include any editing, research, outlines, or read-the-clippings time.

I've been going back in this time machine thanks to my magic box of “stuff,” the Bruce clippings that I saved for about 40 years. I noticed that I had a tendency to save entire sections of the paper when I only needed the article lead story (generally on page 1) and the jump inside the paper. So I’ve cut them out, neatly arranged them on a sheet of paper and scanned them. THEN, I can toss the stuff out.
I have found that when I want to get rid of something but can’t really pull the trigger I scan it. My brain then says it’s okay to toss the item out because I have it electronically. Eventually, I can always delete the item. That works for me. It helps me let go.

Back to the eBook and I’ll meet you” further on (up the road).”

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