Sunday, May 6, 2012

Life Imitating Art

Like a page torn from the Fastnacht League, men playing our national pastime on a sunny Sunday afternoon, journeyed back into time and took us with them. Most of the play was easily recognizable as most games played today but the players garbed in uniforms from two centuries ago helped the imagination. The game was pure, the same one played with enthusiasm and joy, centuries before big contracts, free agents and leather gloves.

I will be posting more pictures (some are up already) on the Fastnacht League Facebook page: Grateful thanks to Brad Shaw (Neshanocks) for his help and for giving me access. My daughter, Liz, took video which will be part of a YouTube video on the two New Jersey teams the Flemington Neshanocks and the Elizabeth Resolutes, to be posted later this week. Also, look for the Fastnacht League book trailer, which will use some of the images we captured today.

For more information on these two clubs go online at and

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