Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Stepping Out of the Shadows

Tonight, I was running my routine 5K around the lakes I live on in the mountains of northwestern New Jersey. I carry my cell because it has an excellent stopwatch app. My older brother called to tell me he was contacted by a person that played on our ice hockey team in Reading in 1964. That meant I hadn't communicated with this person in 56 years. Facebook has a way of reuniting people as well as dividing them with thoughtless and vicious posts.

  Facebook was taking too much of my writing time. My brother told me this person was setting up a private Facebook page to reunite the skaters and hockey players who were involved in the McKellen's Ice Rink in the early 1960s.

  Reluctantly I went back on Facebook to contact this person and, while there took a casual stroll through the nonsense. I see just how much time Facebook can control―if you let it. I also realized how much time I had saved not being very active the past two years.  Even this blog has suffered because of the massive writing project I took on.

  Now I am happy to say, the writing of that 636 page nonfiction is done. All the files went to the printer and right now I am awaiting the printed, final version. I am also holding my breath that there is not some massive and embarrassing mistake. Thankfully, my younger brother read and reread the book so the chances have been minimized. He was meticulous and relentless. If he saw something , he spoke up, which is exactly what you want in a reader.

I've been in publishing since 1974 and putting the tools I've acquired along the way is very rewarding and creative.

  The book is at the printer and I expect it will ship by the end of ext week at the latest. It will be in time to go under the Christmas tree.

The people who will help market and sell it are holding off the roll out until after this ships to the hockey community. Yes, the virus affected yet one more thing. But that's okay, because the book is finally done and it is just a matter of time until it is in everyone's hands.

  But meanwhile, I have just restarted my other writing projects and I am amazed at the fresh perspectives I am experiencing on my China rock and roll novel. China is even more relevant now than when I started my novel. My other project involves my high school experiences working on the Apollo Program. And now Space is back in the news. I am sure that I will soon become a "writing Gumby" all over again. 

  There are so many things that completing this book has opened up for me. I will enjoy reconnecting to my skating past and hope others will enjoy my memories, which I will share. At least this long stroll through the tunnel is nearly over. There are times when you need to step out of the shadows. 

  And this is one of them.

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