Monday, December 7, 2020

A Whole New World

One of the countdowns I was dreading would have been the seven month run up to my pending retirement, scheduled for either June 4th or July 1st, whichever was most expedient. I had already started the countdown. With the anticipation starting to slowly build, I began dreading the time when it would be so close, that it would become a dripping water torture.

Unlike some "career" people, Sandra Bullock in Miss Congeniality for instanceI was not the job." Long ago, I had programmatically made my job so efficient that I would tell people that it was very much like firemen down at the firehouse. We waited for fires so that we could rush to put them out. The rest of the time we were just perfecting our art, polishing the equipment and inspecting it to make sure it was in prime, working order for when it was needed.

An odd thing happened during my countdown. My company moved my department's functions to the mother ship in Minnesota. No more fires to put out in Hoboken. Instead of a seven-month countdown, it became a 7-day countdown. Suddenly, the future started last Monday.

Since my last day on the job was a Monday, and that was last week, today was the first Monday that I would have that feeling of nowhere to go and nothing pending to do.

And it felt great. Time to take an assessment of where I came from to this point and where I want to go. Really, a whole new world of possibilities.

Gentleman, start your engine.

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